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Colombia Tours

Colombia sits on the northwest coast of South America, its shores washed by both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Our Colombia tours begin in Cartagena, an ancient sea port that was once one of the wealthiest in the West Indies. With our expert guide, you'lll explore the city's colorful history.
Nestled in a lovely mountain valley, Medellin was founded 400 years ago. Today this historic city has emerged as a leading example of South American progress and civic pride. Outside of town, you can experience Colombia’s enduring traditions in small villages like Santa Elena.
Our fully guided Colombia tour ends in Bogota where a full day of sightseeing can include museums like the Museo del Oro and time to browse in a local market. Of course, no Bogota travel experience would be complete without La Candelaria – the city’s finely preserved Colonial district.

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Colombia Emerging

Colombia Emerging

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Private Tour

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Traveling privately and staying in the country’s finest hotels, our fine Trip Leaders will take you deeper inside Colombia’s history and its modern spirit as this friendly nation sheds its past.